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Sherpa 300 Anthracite 195L
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Last updated on: May 13, 2021 4:15:59 PM

Hannah Sherpa 300

Hannah Sherpa 300 is the warmest model Hannah has ever produced. Its purpose is to sleep comfortably during the colder part of the year.

Hannah has a lot of experience not only in the production of technical clothing, but also in the travel inventory, which is willing to choose both for trips on the trails and longer, requiring planning expeditions. Model Sherpa 300 is a very good sleeping bag for all summer lovers. Ideally suited to lower temperatures, even slightly below zero degrees, allowing you to sleep comfortably.

The sleeping bag uses the renowned Primaloft® Black thermal insulation, which is used in high quality travel equipment and clothing. It is relatively light and can be packaged to a small size for transportation. It provides very good thermal insulation, well separated from low outdoor temperatures. They are responsible for the synthetic fibers holding the heated air. A great advantage of this filling is also low sensitivity to moisture, so that the sleeping bag will be tested in a wider range of atmospheric conditions. Double layer of insulation guarantees a high degree of insulation from the cold air outside.

The outer material is relatively thin to provide a high sleeping capacity and is durable enough to handle frequent trips in difficult terrain. The interior is a pleasant touch in polyester material, which is responsible for the comfort of sleep.

The Hannah Sherpa 300 has an anatomical shape. It is wider at the top and slightly tapered in the legs, guaranteeing a better fit for the silhouette, and at the same time, faster heating of the interior during the cold evening. A well-fitted hood protects the head from rapid cooling. One-handed adjustment of the puller allows for optimum pulling in the lying position. Heat losses also reduce the thermal flange, which is a barrier to the warm and cold air.

The Hannah Sherpa 300 is powered by a reliable, two-speed lock that will allow for better ventilation at higher temperatures. The special strap prevents the material from slipping easily while sliding it. During sleeping in the tent, an inner pocket will also be helpful, such as a watch or a small headband.

The sleeping bag also has all the necessary accessories. The attached compression bag allows you to effectively reduce the size of your sleeping bag before inserting it into your backpack. Stitched at the end of the loop will allow the sleeping bag to be placed in the air, after returning from the expedition.

The most important features:

Filling is a reliable Primaloft® Black insulation;

The use of double layer of insulation provides excellent insulation properties;

Anatomical shape;

Adjustable hood with one hand;

Two-way lock with tab;

Protection against the risk of material being cut with a lock;

Loops for hanging a sleeping bag;

Inner pocket for trinkets;

Compression bag included;

Dimensions: Approx. 230 × 80 × 55 cm

Temperature range (according to EN13537):

Temp.max Temp. comfort Temp. limit Temp. extreme

+ 12 ° C + 2 ° C -4 ° C -20 ° C

PrimaLoft® insulation materials were originally designed for use by the US Army - the main objective was to discover material as warm as down, but anti-allergic and completely resistant to fungi and bacteria. Extremely lightweight and soft, the PrimaLoft® filament contains millions of air channels enclosed in fine mesh. Synthetic fibers absorb 3 times less water, give 15% more heat when dry and 24% when wet compared to competitive fill.

Shape: Mummy

Thermal collar: V

Thermal bar: V

Inner material: 290T Micro Polyester

Material outside: 40D 290T Nylon R / S WR

Up to: about 195cm

Test EN 13537: V

Total weight: approx. 1880 g incl. Cover (size 195)

Filling: Primaloft Black 1 x 170 + 1 x 130 g

Filling weight: ---

Dimensions of the package: approx. 39 x ø23 cm (size 195)

Temperature range: + 2 ° C / -4 ° C / -20 ° C

Wrocław, Poland