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Last updated on: May 2, 2021 6:16:13 AM

The Hannah Trek 200 sleeping bag (195 cm) has a double layer of Izotherm synthetic insulation, intended for expeditions in the warmer part of the year. This model has been designed so that it can experience the healthy sleep of a person with a maximum height of 195 cm.

The model is designed to be used during spring and summer trips to the unknown. He is eagerly chosen both by trekking enthusiasts as well as people who choose to go to tents with their families. The classic shape of the mummy and high-quality materials make it perfect for frequent entries.

The thermal insulation of the sleeping bag Hannah Trek 200 is matched by the double Isotherm thermal insulation. This synthetic filling consists of hollow polyester fibers. Subjecting them to a special process makes them return to their original shape very quickly. Thanks to this, the sleeping bag, after being removed from the transport case, quickly acquires the right shape and is ready to spend the night in it. These fibers keep large amounts of heated air between them which is a great insulator. The whole is relatively light and easy to pack up to a small size, which makes transport much easier.

For quick finding in a sleeping bag allows a long double-sided zip offering easy access to the inside. The thermal collar placed inside is supervised over the minimization of heat losses. The slightly fitted hood can be easily adjusted using a puller with a stopwatch.

Like other sleeping bags of this manufacturer, this model also does not forget about useful things. The zipper has protection against accidental span during sleep. Inside there is a practical pocket for things that must always be at hand. In turn, in the bottom part, loops were sewn in to allow the hanging of the sleeping bag.

The Hannah Trek 200 sleeping bag is also equipped with a compression cover that will make it much easier to carry and pack in a backpack or car.

Hannah Trek 200 the most important features:

Isotherm synthetic insulation providing good insulation;

The shape of the mummy;

Adjustable hood;

Two-speed slider with protection against unfastening;

Heating strip and covering the slider;

Insulating collar with welt;

Inner pocket for small items;

Suspension loops;

An enclosed compression bag ideal for transporting a sleeping bag;

Dimensions after unfolding: approx. 230 × 85 × 65 cm;

Sleeping bag designed for tourists with a maximum height of 195 cm.

Temperature range (tested in accordance with EN 13537):

Temp. max Temp comfort. Temp. Limit Temp minimal

+ 18 ° C + 8 ° C + 3 ° C -11 ° C

Temperature ranges according to EN 13537

They refer to a standard man and a standard woman after average effort. Attention! Sometimes it may happen that the feeling of cold will be different in different people. The way cold is felt is also influenced by such factors as: tiredness, hunger, malaise, previous hypothermia, age, metabolism, fat thickness, etc.

Upper limit of comfort (T max) - temperature at which the "standard man" does not sweat, and excessive temperature does not disturb his sleep.

Comfort (T comf) - the temperature at which a person is in thermal equilibrium and does not feel cold. This value refers to the "standard", full-bodied woman, after medium exertion. This parameter should guide women by choosing a sleeping bag.

Limit temperature (T lim) - the lowest temperature at which a "standard man" can sleep comfortably. This parameter should be guided by men choosing a sleeping bag.

Extreme temperature (T min) - exceeding this value causes the risk of hypothermia and means conditions in which you can survive at most six hours (a parameter based on the feelings of the "average woman"). We should not be guided by this temperature when buying a sleeping bag.

Izotherm is 100% polyester, quick-drying fibers that provide long-term thermal insulation even at high humidity. Siliconizing fibers makes them soft and delicate and perfectly retain their shape. Isotherm filling provides good insulating properties and high resilience. After unfolding, thanks to its elasticity, the fibers quickly fill the entire available space. The fibers do not absorb odors, they are antiallergic.

Shape: Mummy

Thermal collar: V

Thermal strip: V

Inner material: 68D 185T polyester

Outer material: 68D 210T polyester WR

On the rise to: approx. 195 cm

Test EN 13537: V

Temperature range: + 18 ° C / + 8 ° C / + 3 ° C / -11 ° C

Filling: Izotherm 2 x 100 g

Filling weight: ---

Total weight: approx. 1570 g

Package dimensions: approx. 37 x ø24 cm

Wrocław, Poland