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Sales Partner

    - Poland, Germany, Europe, USA, Poland ...

    - Wrocław, Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, other

    - Berlin, Paris, London ...

Job description

We are looking for partners for remote cooperation that aims to develop the dealcox sales platform. This is an advertisement for people who are looking for an additional source of income. Thanks to our program you can earn without leaving your home.

What will your activity consist in?

- You will be encouraged to register and actively use dealcox (adding offers, shopping)

- You will advise users (friends in dealcox) on questions related to the use of dealcox

- You will be the first point of contact for questions asked at dealcox for your friends

- You will take responsibility for:

        - acquiring new business partners (online stores, facebook user groups, insagram)

        - increasing the number of active ads on the site

        - increasing user activity on the site from specific groups

      - You will analyze and monitor the market and customer activity

      - You will oversee the successful implementation of partners on the dealcox platform

      - You will be responsible for selling online advertising solutions

Why would you work with us?

    - Participation in the project of launching a new dealcox auction / negotiation platform

    - Ability to plan tasks and work methods on your own

    - High responsibility for the entire process

For our part, we offer:

    - Startup work culture

    - The ability to create something new that will affect n development of the internet market

    - Informal work atmosphere

    - Remuneration in the form of a commission calculated on the value of transactions concluded by Customers served by the Partner (earnings up to PLN 10,000 per month with a large number of active transactions)

The offer is directed to people who:

    - Are interested in gaining experience in a position related to sales and acquiring new customers

    - They perfectly know facebook, twiter, youtube websites, facebook groups and other social networking sites

    - Negotiations have no secrets for them

    - They are able to analyze customer needs and build customer relationships

    - They know the market for categories that are the area of ​​dealcox (e.g. Watches, paintings, bags, shoes and others on dealcox or which you find interesting)

    - They are focused on cooperation and achieving goals

    - They can involve others in projects

    - They perfectly organize their work

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