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 How to sell
How to sell

Sales activation is required before the sale begins. To do this, select
after logging in, activate the sale. After selecting this option, you will receive data for making an activation transfer.

The account will be activated for sale after the transfer. An invoice will be issued for the payment made.

Making a sale begins by choosing the Sell option.

When adding the offer, please specify in particular:
- whether it is a buy now or a negotiation offer
- specify whether offers are offered to negotiations for other users of the site
- for negotiation offers, specifying the maximum number of offers and the minimum bid price below which customer offers will be automatically rejected
- selection of caches to which the shipment will be carried out
- choice of languages ​​in which product description will be added.

After completing the form with the item data, you should finally choose the option to publish.
The offer will be published after verification by the service staff in terms of compliance with the regulations.

The fee for adding the offer is automatically calculated once after publication. The commission on sales is calculated after confirmation of the purchase transaction by the buyer according to the current price list.

Invoices for sales charges are issued at the end of the week.
If the invoice is not paid within the prescribed period, the account will be blocked for further sale.